Mr S and I get through a lot of paper napkins in an average week. Sometimes we’ve moved over to the fabric ones, in a bid to be a bit more environmentally friendly, but then we get confused over whose is whose. In a bid to untangle our germs (although, I’m not sure it really matters that much!), out came the needle and thread.

The flower was freehand. I just started and waited to see what came out. Mr S’s request, a bike, needed a bit of thought, so I drew it first (but didn’t let him see until it was finished):

Feeling pretty chuffed that I’d taken a good step in reducing my carbon footprint, a second pair had to be made so the first could be washed! Out came the needle again. Well, actually, it involved a trip to the haberdashery to get the blue thread, but that’s hardly a chore! Mr S (of course):

And not forgetting me:


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