Better late than not at all. Right? I haven’t seen these before, or if I have, I haven’t paid any attention to them. By golly they are satisfying though! A minute or so and the work is done. Just my thing.

peacock transfer close

After being given a canvas bag instead of a plastic one in a shop recently, I set about prettifying it yesterday. One hot iron, one piece of baking/parchment paper and hey presto, job done! The baking paper was my addition to what the man in the shop told me (stick design to fabric and hot iron it on), or at least what I understood of what he told me, foreseeing copious amounts of plastic stuck to my iron (not sure if non-stick covers molten plastic).

Ta da!

peacock transfer bag

(It’s amazing how clever I feel for doing, well, nothing!)

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One Response to Iron on transfers

  1. Sammmoo says:

    Fab! Totally love it – very glam for your veggies! xx

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