snowflake cross stitch


A little while ago I hinted at this. Now it’s finished. It’s been finished for a while, but I wanted to wait until the Christmas period was in full swing before sharing.

The plan had been to embroider a band of snowflakes at both ends of each piece of cloth. When I realised just how long that would take me and, not having a magnifying glass, just how sore my eyes would be, I stopped at one at each end.

I made the snowflake pattern on Excel with squared cells, then printed it out to follow. When I started working on the fabric, the pattern had to be altered, as the warp and weft were not equally spaced.

The fabric comes from the fabric market here in Cairo and is a double woven cotton. I found it in the top of a little shop I went in not expecting to find anything. Downstairs was full of synthetic nasties. I was about to leave and the seller started talking. I asked for cotton just for the sake of proving to the seller that he didn’t have what I wanted. He told me to come up a rickety staircase and at the top, behind some dusty rolls of fabric, out came this brilliant white double width cotton.

The cloths will be used on Christmas Day. Not before – I’m too worried about spots of red wine!
snowflakes table cloths

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