christmas table runner
In early August this year I was looking for some gifts to take to family I was about to visit. In a rush, I popped into a tiny shop I had been in once before and didn’t go again as the lady working there was rather gruff.
christmas table runner green
This time it was a man. He talked a lot. He pointed to some applique work that is common here and started talking about the man who made them. I had missed who, but someone who was obviously a close relative. I’m not really a fan of applique, so was not focusing too much.
christmas table runner ivy
Next he mentioned something about Christmas. Being August, he caught my attention. Then he pulled out some transparent bags and unwrapped the contents. There were some fantastic Christmas tree dresses. Next he unwrapped some table runners. I was sold. The work was such good quality and the colours so Christmassy, I couldn’t resist.
christmas table runner rose
“Who was it who made it?” I asked shamelessly, knowing he’d already told me.
christmas table runner holly 2
“Me.” he said good humouredly.
christmas table runner
Turns out he had been telling me that he’d been working on applique since he was thirteen, under the tutelage of his father. Master Craftsman or what?!

In the last picture are alabaster candle holders. It looks far better at night when all the lights are on. Perhaps I’ll update the picture with a night one if I take a good one!

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One Response to Christmas table runner

  1. Estrella says:

    I absolutely love the table runner and others applique. I wish I can get some for myself. I like a lot your work.
    Best regards,
    Estrella from Mexico :)

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