Isabella is a little girl who was born in May 2008. She is the daughter of my friends Suzie and Ramy. I was extremely well intentioned and began to make something for her before she was born. I thought it was going to be great, then I changed my mind. I started to make something else.

kaffe bird

Then Isabella was born. Still unfinished, I enforced a ‘no gift, no visit’ rule on myself.


blue bird

Soon it was the summer. Holidays beckoned and I was away for two months. Then work started again, coming to an abrupt halt when I started pondering the problems of using the planned sticks as the hanging frame. Who knows what is on the sticks on the streets here (there aren’t exactly forests to visit for stick-collecting!). That idea was binned.

spotty bird

Notions of wire coat hangers, rods, plastic tubes and wire contraptions tossed around in my head and nothing outstanding came to the forefront.

red bird

And then one morning, out of the ether, it all fell into place. I jumped out of bed, started ripping and bending and wrapping, and in a few hours, I had fashioned the hoop.

red base

It was downhill from there and baby Isabella will finally be getting her gift in the next few days.

All the materials used in this were bought in Egypt.

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2 Responses to Bella’s Birdy Mobile

  1. M.Samir says:

    Lovely, i wish i can have kids soon so i can have this birdy mobile in the house :)

  2. anna says:

    Lol! You don’t need kids to have the mobile!

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