The latest additions. Yum yum. Salivating. All Egyptian cotton.

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3 Responses to Fabric

  1. ms four says:


    Where did you get it?

  2. anna says:

    Hi! I got these lovelies from a shop in Zamalek. Unbelievably, I lived around the corner from it for an entire year, walked passed it daily for nearly two years and never set foot inside until recently!

    The fabric market (boulaq/wikalat el balah) will be getting cottons in late Feb – apparently (am wondering if it’s English or Egyptian time)! I’m chomping at the bit!

  3. anna says:

    Update: the shop is called Noura (I couldn’t remember before). It’s on a street just off Hassan Sabry (on the right) just after the traffic lights. It’s just after the post office.

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