liondres' bib and burp cloth
There has been a new baby in the family. Not knowing whether a little nephew or niece it would be, I decided to hedge my bets and make something for either. It seemed a rather appropriate time to figure out binding.

If you haven’t tried to sew binding before, trust me, it’s best not to figure it out on your own. After a good 8hrs of stitching and ripping out, restitching, taking a break, re-ripping and a fair amount of hurumphing, I decided to spend more time online looking for some decent instructions. I found them and they’re also amusing. Head on over to angry chicken for them, or you can open the vid from here.

Baby Liondre (really no idea yet how his name is spelled, but this is my first bet!) came a week early, so this is for him.

PS – Perhaps worth pointing out that the button selection in Egypt isn’t anything to get too excited about. As I’m heading to Paris (I know, tough, eh?) soon, I will get one from there. Oh, does that mean I have to go shopping? Any bets that I’ll walk out of the shop with more than one button? ;)

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