Once upon a time I had a favourite green jumper. Liking it so much, I bought another two, in different colours. One day, many months later, I popped them in the machine that diligently washes apparel and went blithely on with my day. For an hour.

Rushing back to the efficient washer, my worst fears were met: it was on a boil wash.

So beloved were the jumpers, now the right size for a toddler, they could not be thrown away, or even donated to a toddler lacking a felted jumper. They rested, snuggled together in the gloomy back of a shelf, waiting.

After many moons, a cotton-bodied bunny was discovered and a plan hatched. The first born is sleepy green bunny. His woollen body is kept company by Egyptian sateen cotton ears and a baby merino pompom tail.

The pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls and can be found here.

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