Last year I tried hard to design a template for an elephant – my first ever stuffed animal (plushy). It was all fine, but the belly just wouldn’t work. Eventually I gave up and looked for a pattern instead. Lo and behold, I couldn’t find one!

Face to face
Then, in a whim of madness (because my French is bad) I bought French Burda magazine this month. And what do you know, they had a template for a sitting down elephant! It took some time, dictionaries and cursing, but Elephant is here.
Asserting authority
Mr MacTavish is not so sure if Elephant is competition or not. He thought he’d test him out – by hitting Elephant’s trunk.
MacTavish and the competition
That was after he’d given it a good old sniff.

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3 Responses to Elephant

  1. Salwa says:

    This is adorable! Can you share the pattern?

  2. anna says:

    Hi Salwa,

    I can’t post the pattern because it’s copyrighted. You can find it in Burda magazine in the May 2009 issue. The magazine is available in a number of languages and I believe the patterns are the same in each language.

  3. Salwa says:

    Thank you! I’ll look for it!

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