I’ve been busy dreaming. Thinking and dreaming, drawing my ideas, drawing patterns, redrawing patterns, figuring out how best to store the patterns and dreaming. None of this makes for very exciting photos.

What is exciting though, is that I have a second cabinet for my fabric waiting downstairs for some burly men to come along and haul it up five flights of stairs. Not an exciting photo right now, but once my fabric is neatly stored, my studio will look tidy enough for a photo!

And, and, and..I have finally got my dressmakers dummy. Finally. Sort of. It is currently in a box under a bed at my friends’ home in Holland. Just hoping that it fits in my suitcase next week. She’s already got a name: Paspop. It’s Dutch for dressmaker’s dummy/tailor’s dummy/dress form and is a word I had a great deal of trouble in finding out to help my Google searches in Dutch.

Off to dream..ciao for now. x

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