Gingerbread heart 2010

So, after being attacked by a horrible bug, the blog is back! What’s been cooking over the past few months is, primarily, this new site. There have been a few moments when I was away from the computer and had time to use my hands, most of which were around Christmas..

Gingerbread Man 2010

..hence the pics.

Gingerbread star 2010

We moved to Paris in October. After finishing the unpacking, I realised I didn’t have Christmas decorations.

The Christmas Tree 2010

There was so much shopping to be done (things for the house, clothes, Christmas presents) that I could not face the shop for decorations..

Gingerbread heart 2 2010

..and then I remembered my favourite decorations of all time!

Gingerbread Lady 2010

The gingerbread house got made too. I only managed to snap one photo this year – which is in no way representative of the time it took!

gingerbread house 2010

I found a sweets wholesaler just near our apartment. It seemed like a good idea..but did I really need a kilo of those red sweets? Hmmm. Next year I might just stick to buying small packages.

On the upside, I managed not to pick sweets off the roof this year!

Gingerbread two hearts 2010

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