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Two years ago I dreamed of selling tutus with the profits going to a charity called FACE that works exclusively in Egypt. Getting married, serious health concerns and an international move all conspired to delay what some days seemed impossibly out of reach.

Over the past few months, I have been beavering away, determined that it was ‘now or never’..and today ‘now’ has arrived!

Project mozzah is the arm of anna bananna that will sell my tutus, with 100% of profits going to FACE charity. The tutus are fully sewn – no knotting or elastic threaded through the tulle – ¬†with smooth satin elasticated waistbands and ribbon ties to adjust the fit. I only use soft, fine tulle so little waists and legs don’t get scratched. Colours? Choose from an example, or you decide – colours will be updated regularly.

For more information about FACE charity, project mozzah, the tutus and the shop, check out all the links on the top of my pretty new site!


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