My grandfather after joining the navy.

Aside from having fun with tulle and tutus, the studio has been home to another project over the past months..and yet I have very little to show! My darling Grandfather has written up what he calls “my notes” which are what I call “the story of his life”. He rather trustingly handed the first volume over to me in the beginning of January when I announced that rather than have someone photocopy the 100 or so A4 pages to share with the family, I could make them into a book.

I find things always seem so simple when I’m on holiday…

Granddad saving a goal!

I return home and suddenly life eats more time than I expected or, for instance, I find out I’m pregnant and a million other things need doing..including the odd nap.

I have finally finished the first draft, electronically sent it to the printers and am excitedly waiting to receive the hard copy. Then I need Granddad’s feedback, make his changes, and re-e-send it and voila! The Story: Part I will be complete.

With any luck, he’ll entrust me with Part II: 1975-2011!

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