Smiles and smiles: you don't really need a photo of a smiling Egyptian orphan to know what a happy child looks like!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that 100% of profits from project mozzah tutus go directly to FACE charity. Hopefully, you’ll also know that FACE only has projects in Egypt, which is one reason I chose to work with them.

Perhaps you have heard in the news about the sectarian clashes in Egypt. The exact cause of them is not confirmed and may never be, however, what is sure, is that these relatively infrequent incidents get a lot of media attention and serve to provoke future problems.

Having lived in Egypt for years, I can testify that the majority of Egyptians are like you and me: they love their families, they work hard for a living, they want the best for their children, they like to meet their friends and they enjoy watching shows (and football!) on TV. There are some really interesting people, some boring people, some intellectuals and some downright stupid people, just like there are in our country, whatever nationality we hold.

One undeniable difference, especially since 25 January 2011, is that Egyptians have lived under a corrupt regime for at least the past 30 years and many have suffered as a result.

FACE has worked in Egypt since 2003 and currently runs four orphanages, a project for street children and a child support centre in an extremely poor area of northern Cairo. FACE has always supported the idea that Egyptians are entirely capable of fixing their own problems and does not have foreign staff working in the country.

Most crucially, given the highly publicised recent incidents between Salafists (extremely conservative Muslims – not representative of Egyptian Muslims) and Copts (Egypt’s ancient Christians), FACE’s work specifically does not and never has discriminate between the religions: a human being is a human being.

You can find out more about FACE’s work here or on their website.

If you are looking for a gift for a special little girl or two, why not also help out a FACE’s work in Egypt? It’s true, 100% of profits from project mozzah tutus go to FACE charity. All tutus are handmade by anna after you choose your colour(s).

If you have no little girl in your life who would like a tutu and you would still like to help FACE, you can donate via the FACE website.


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