wool silk fabric

Close up of my soft wool and silk ‘essential’

I don’t buy t-shirts. I don’t buy statues. I don’t buy clothes. When I visit a new city or country, I head straight for the fabric shops – not always to the delight of my travelling companions!

cotton shirting

Very fine, long staple cotton twill with a soft sheen – unironed!

Sometimes, I buy my husband something. If he’s lucky. If he’s even luckier, I will make it into what I promised him when he asks what I’ve been buying.

silk twill scarf

A quarter of my silk twill scarf-to-be

I have been looking for a soft camel coloured wool/silk fabric for a pair of winter trousers. I adore masculine styles with a simple, but feminine jumper. I hadn’t been looking for a butterfly print scarf fabric, but it was irresistable! So, former was an essential, the latter a gift. The cotton shirting will, hopefully, become a shirt for my husband.

Fingers crossed!

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