The skeleton of a shirt

I have a bump. It’s growing every day. Bump needed to have some PJs that accommodate it and Mr S had a shirt sitting in the Shirt Graveyard. A few measurements, some basic drafting and a pattern was created.

Maternity PJs

The shirt was laid on the cutting table for dissection. Side seams were carefully removed and reincarnated as shoulder straps.


Maternity PJs front

The shirt fronts became the bustier front..


Maternity PJs back

..and the back.

The body is made of a soft, thick Egyptian cotton jersey from my stash.


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2 Responses to Maternity PJs

  1. Lynda says:

    Lovely… you are really so clever.

  2. What a brilliant refashion! I have been playing with a couple of my husband’s old shirts but never though of this. I especially love the straps! I think I’m going to try making one of these myself, as I was just about to cut up a shirt to make into hankerchiefs. I can certainly spare a bit of it to make a nightie.

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