christmas cake 2011

Christmas cake

Christmas changed this year. The arrival of a giggling baby is tremendous fun and being stretched out on the floor making silly voices steals more time than it should (because time stands still until the phone rings or I check the time) – and rather addictive too!

Luckily, I started soaking the fruit for the cake in August and made the cake in early October. Even if I do say so myself, this was the best fruit cake I’ve ever made and one of the best I’ve ever had! There was a bottle of whisky in it, so no reason for it not to be succulent really – not exactly magic! The icing was royal icing, but with slightly less sugar than normal, so it did not fully set. Hard icing, but not fondant and not crunchy. Bit of a mistake in fact, but then most of the best discoveries are! Will see if I can repeat the whole feat next year!

In December, a smidgeon of time was left over for making things. This year’s house was a little more colourful than previous times..although I still managed to eat a few too many of the sweets while ‘deciding’ what colours to put on.


Gingerbread house roof. 

I thought I would save time by buying the biscuit this year. In the end it wasn’t a time saver as I made decorations like last year (no photographs – too much fun playing with baby..). I also sneaked in some time for salt dough decorations. I even squeezed in some extra ones to leave to dry thoroughly before varnishing, thus leaving even more time to play with baby next year! “Genius!” I thought, “I’m super prepared! Yay!” Leaving the drying decorations in the cold oven (out of the way) was also genius, but not mentioning to husband that they were there before he turned on the grill..less bright that move.


Delicious imprints half-way though the demolishing process!

Ahh well. At least this year the house was demolished by various children and thoroughly enjoyed!

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