Hi! Anna here. “Here” is Paris – for now. Home is many places: Egypt, where I lived for nearly nine years, Scotland, where I grew up – first smack-bang in the centre of the country and later in the gorgeous, but all too often grey, Edinburgh – and Canada where my roots are. I love travelling and have also spent extended periods in Austria, Canada, Australia, South East Asia, Jordan and Palestine.

I share my life with my wonderful French husband.


At work

I absolutely love making things. Anything really. I adore planning what to make too. It’s probably called day dreaming most of the time, as I am sure there will never be enough hours in the day to create what I can whip up in a few seconds inside my head!

These days, my husband’s job means we are likely to move country every few years. New experiences, people and new countries are all exhilarating, but I have found I adapt best when I have a little of ‘me’ that can come along for the ride too. Anna bananna is my small world that I hope to keep with me wherever I go.