What is project mozzah?

Simply put, it is raising money for Egyptian children who really could do with a hand in life, though the sale of pretty tutus.

100% of project mozzah tutu profits to FACE

The price of a project mozzah tutu includes the cost of making it with 100% of the remainder, the profit, going to FACE.

Why a charity working in Egypt?

Having had the privilege to live in Egypt for such a long time, I wanted to give something back to the country and the people who made me feel so at home during my time there.

Visit the FACE website to find out more.

What does mozzah mean?

Mozzah (pronounced with a small ‘o’ as in ‘pot’ and a soft ‘z’ like in ‘zoo’) means banana in Arabic. It also is used in Egyptian Arabic slang to call girls cute or ‘babes’.