How to best enjoy your stay!

For the ultimate experience, I recommend anna bananna while enjoying a Tim Tam explosion.* What you need:

  1. A Tim Tam biscuit/cookie (it’s like a Penguin, but better chocolate – chocolate biscuit sandwich bar that is covered in chocolate).
  2. A hot cup of tea or coffee.
  3. Bite off one corner on the top and the diagonal corner on the bottom.
  4. In one swift movement, dip the Tim Tam into the drink and very quickly, with great force, suck up the drink through the biscuit, as though it is a straw.
  5. Very, very quickly, as soon as liquid reaches your mouth, pop the biscuit into your mouth.
  6. Enjoy the warm, chocolaty, gooey delight.
  7. Repeat.
  8. Go to the gym, for a walk, a run..because I know you didn’t stop at 2!

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*Holding my hands up: if you live outside Australia, this might a be a little difficult to organise. In that case, replace the Tim Tams for Duchy’s Dark Chocolate covered ginger biscuits and skip steps 3-7.


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